Copy Rebar column to column

I am trying to copy the rebar of a column, I have created a script, but I also copy the host element (column), I have tried to add a node to delete the old one, but the new column I have to change the joins again, some solution. Thank you

Hi @jamess166,

I think your workflow is based upon the below topic.
But have you read the post#13 ?

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hello, if I have also tried but it does not work for the columns, I have tried to update it but I do not understand much the python code, that is why I created this post since in which you mention I made others consult with respect to beams.

Can you post your .dyn and .rvt (stripped down if you like) file, so i can test/reproduce your results ?
If you can’t upload files yet, than maybe you can share them via Dropbox.

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please try and include all your previous work and links - this will only help others know what you have tried and where you are having problems :slight_smile:

QC-Rebar-Copy Columna.dyn (8.9 KB)