Copying Rebar from one element to another (reload)


Revit 2018.3, Dynamo Core, Dynamo Revit

Shout out to @jostein_olsen for their Twitter post that inspired me to look into this functionality & @Einar_Raknes for lending his expertise in the post . I referenced the older post that Jostein referenced: Copy rebar from one element to another

I tried recreating from the beginning to understand how it worked, but I am running into a problem with the List.Equals node not returning a true value when it compares the host list with the element I have selected.

Has this node changed since this older post? Do i need to flatten the list from the GetRebarHost node, or am I completely missing something? any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you all for your time.


The input type of the “Equals” node changed. It previously worked on a single object (var), it now works on a variable rank input(var[]…[]). You can check that if you hover over the input ports. Try setting the port level at @L1 for both ports.


Thank you for your reply. I tried that, but still no joy. I have attached my graph and the revit file i was using for testing. If you have time to take a look, that would be great.

Thank you for your time.


Copy Rebar Dynamo.rvt (2.3 MB)
MDC Rebar Copy.dyn (13.4 KB)

I tried going a different way and I think I got a little farther, but have hit another wall. This is what I have so far, please correct me if i am wrong, I have selected the rebars in the project and I have selected the elements hosting those rebars. I then filtered the host list down to the specific element I am interested in, but now I have two lists one of rebars and one for the host and I can not think of a way to put those two lists together. I mean I can see the index for the host list IS the rebar, but how do I inflate the list to show that index is actually a rebar element? any and all help is appreciated. I have included my updated graph and revit test file.


MDC Rebar Copy.dyn (20.8 KB)

Copy Rebar Dynamo.rvt (2.3 MB)

I’m not sure if I am making any progress or not. I seem to keep hitting a wall. Anyway, I hope someone out there can shed some light on this for me. I have my list of rebars and hosts grouped together, but I can not figure out what kind of filtering or sorting node I need to trim the list down to only the host item i am interested in copying the rebars from. any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for reading. I have attached my graph.

MDC Rebar Copy.dyn (38.8 KB)