Cleaning up Text styles (purge is not enoug)

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to clean up the text fammelies

I know you can purg but it wil not clean up the right text styles. Is there a way to find thise items, clean them up ore move them to a other catagorie.

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This should get you moving… You can then filter to rename or delete or whatever…

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Once you have it selected and filtered using @Mark.Ackerley’s suggestion, you should see this thread: How to Change Family Type

I believe it should help with changing the type then you can purge afterwards.

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@Mark.Ackerley @kennyb6 Thx guys looking in to it right now

Running in to a littel isseu cant select the Textnotestyles to filter ore change it to a other fammalie name. Is this becouce it is a System famalie and not a “normal” Revit Famalie?

This post shows how to do for System Families. I think your problem is that your to and from groups use a plain codeblock TextNote class name, not a family type. You have to plug in a familytype for this to work. Try using a TextNoteType.ByName node instead of the codeblock.


I’m doing somting wrong ore its becouse its a System Familie but it is not working at al :slightly_frowning_face: Last attempt lookt als follow:

The attempt is to channge al the types to to same so I can purg the Duplicates whit the same hights ect.

I can already see all items that are in the Project I just need to change te types of those duplecats whit a difrent name. But how :thinking:

Thright the post above (thx for the hint) did not work for me pleas tell me if I mist stomting. Thx

Beginner here how do you actually delete a text type once you have run this script?

The element.delete node may be out of the box in more recent Dynamo releases, my build is somewhat behind. But the deletion would be the final step in the screenshot.

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I still can’t get it to work maybe the text is in a family or somewhere else is it possible to delete say number 3 1500 coversheet in your list regardless of it being used or not?

I needed the same thing and just made it based on info here. It deletes the text type and any text using that type.

Delete Text Type.dyn (13.0 KB)

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and if you have elements using this text type, what do they change to once you delete it? Most likely for OP they weren’t purging out as they are being used in a legend