Cleaning up Text styles (purge is not enoug)

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to clean up the text fammelies

I know you can purg but it wil not clean up the right text styles. Is there a way to find thise items, clean them up ore move them to a other catagorie.

Thx in advance!


This should get you moving… You can then filter to rename or delete or whatever…

Hope that helps,


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Once you have it selected and filtered using @Mark.Ackerley’s suggestion, you should see this thread: How to Change Family Type

I believe it should help with changing the type then you can purge afterwards.

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@Mark.Ackerley @kennyb6 Thx guys looking in to it right now

Running in to a littel isseu cant select the Textnotestyles to filter ore change it to a other fammalie name. Is this becouce it is a System famalie and not a “normal” Revit Famalie?

This post shows how to do for System Families. I think your problem is that your to and from groups use a plain codeblock TextNote class name, not a family type. You have to plug in a familytype for this to work. Try using a TextNoteType.ByName node instead of the codeblock.


I’m doing somting wrong ore its becouse its a System Familie but it is not working at al :slightly_frowning_face: Last attempt lookt als follow:

The attempt is to channge al the types to to same so I can purg the Duplicates whit the same hights ect.

I can already see all items that are in the Project I just need to change te types of those duplecats whit a difrent name. But how :thinking:

Thright the post above (thx for the hint) did not work for me pleas tell me if I mist stomting. Thx