How to Change Family Type

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i am a new bee. please help me. i want to change family type which is already placed in revit project (eg. Window-1 is placed in revit project and i want to change it to Window-2). which nodes to be used ? please explain bit detail.
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have a look at this.

Family instances : the family you would like to change the type of [quote=“Muzaffars2015, post:1, topic:10757”]

The node FamilyInstance.SetType is from ClockWork package

Family Type : the new family

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Shukran Mohammadz,
what will be the solution for system families such as walls, structural framing etc…
What will be the nodes for this.?

All elements of family type ( universal ) is also from Clockwork package


Shukran Mohammadz…
JazakAllah a lot…

you’re welcome! please mark it as a solution

What if you needed to switch family categories? I have generic model elements that need to swap to specialty equipment type.

have you tried it in Revit?

next time if you have a new question, make a new post please



What if I want to do exactly like you showed, but I want to use a dictionary…because I don’t want to specify one wall type and swap it only I want to swap multiples at a time… image below is me brainstorming…

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Any update on this?
I am trying to do something very similar and change multiple structural framings from one type to the other. For instance running a loop over multiple types and replace each to a different type

Hi Amir…I would say as Marcel mention in this topic for 2 years ago…start a new topic

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Thanks, @sovitek.
I have opened this thread - would appreciate your assistance:

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Thats great…and i see Gavin already have give you a solution :wink:

Still in progress