Rename text note type name


I have created a script to rename all the placed text note family types in my project with a different & standardized prefix.

I used Clockwork and Data Shapes and it seems working on Dynamo environment. However, the changes are not applied to Revit, in fact, the Watch node at the of the script it returns ‘false’. It works pretty well without Data Shapes nodes (UI) but I would like to be able to create a user-friendly interface with the possibility to insert whatever text.

Any ideas or suggestions about why the changes are not applied to Revit even if the script works?

Thank you all

Hi @franki ,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.
It might be because of a mismatch between the list structure for the element & name input.
Try throwing in a flatten node as shown

Issue found. The connection in the .dyf of Data Shapes package were not in the right place :slight_smile: Now everything works perfectly