Replace TextNoteType without actually processing text note

for instance, i want to replace text style 1 with text style 2 so i can purge text style 1 later

Filter out the TextNote which you want to change
Change the “Family and Type” parameter of the TextNote Elements. Use a TextNoteType for this.

thanks Joelmick, no TextNote should be involved, i just want to “merge” 2 text style

Textnotes do need to be involved, since you cannot “merge” 2 Text style (TextNoteType) in Revit.

Normally (without Dynamo) you should check all the Textnotes in Revit if they have Text style 1. Then change them in Text style 2. Then purge Text style 1 right?

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in my case, that text style (to be replaced) is used in annotation symbol and schedule so text note won’t work

so my question now is how to get “text note” inside annotation symbol?