Ceiling height to room parameter

Hi, I miss a couple of Custom Definition nodes in your script. Is it possible for me to get those as well?


If you do a screen grab of the nodes your missing, i’ll let you know which packages your in. Think one of the custom node packages i missed adding into the notes was “DanEDU Dynamo”

@john_pierson Hi John. Can You please help me with your graph to make it work?
I’m getting problems from the beginning…
My goal is to get the height of room not only when it has ceiling inside. Is this possible with Your graph?

Hi @Piotrek18, Do you have any “unplaced rooms” in your model?

@john_pierson yes I have 1 :slight_smile:

Sweet. filter that out and you should have better luck. Also, might wanna start a new thread for tracking purposes.

@john_pierson Thanks, that is working
another step is I think is with get the height of elements blocking the rooms from above. Any suggesiton?

This thread is already very long, could you start a new one including your illustration? You can easily link it to this one like so:
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Has this been tried using ceilings within a link?

I have seen this recently:

Dang. Thanks for the info!

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Can somebody help me to undersand my mistake?
I test the scriptin the french version dynamo and revit, but I can’t inser the ceiling heigth int to the room heigth

Hi Ivan,

Please start a new topic. This topic is two years old.
I see two errors in your graph.

Merci pour ta réponse, j’ai refait une nouvelle demande:
“Modifier la hauteur de la pièce par rapport hauteur de plafond”

I am trying to improve this. Your graph works fine unless the room has a L shape.

I haven’t built it, but we sometimes have split levels without a level and ceilings without a ceiling.

  1. For each room placed get levels
  2. For each level create an RCP and PLAN view
  3. Place one spot elevation in the center of room on PLAN and one in RCP
  4. Measure Z-value difference between two spot elevations for Ceiling Height
  5. Write Ceiling Height to room parameter
  6. Write the script so that you can shift or replace the RCP Spot Elevations to points of ceiling you want measured
  7. Rerun script shouldn’t create new views or new spots, just new values.

@David_Duarte I made a new post here. Although you proposed a solution, the room has to have a limit offset even if there is no ceiling. (RCP stays for Room Ceiling Point?) Also to create a plan view for each room seems a bit redundant.