Set Values from RoomParameters in floors and ceilings, how?

RoomParameters-to-SystemFamilies.dyn (111.5 KB) Demo.rvt (3.2 MB)Demo_AREA.rvt (3.2 MB)

Hello Dynos,

I have a task that i manage partly very well.

I just want to get some values from a linked file that i put to systemfamilies!

I get the values very easy

i get the parameter to set also very easy.

But how can i say take the roomvalue and put it to your “nearest” floor or ceiling?
I got a script which workes with vectors, but i don`t understand it.
How about bounding boxes?
Does anybody have an idea?

basicly i need to get and set a value



Have a look in this topic;


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Skript_Parameter.dyn (65.4 KB)

unitil the point of geometrie to point works! i think i need just the element output and i could continue with set the parameter… …Why is my Elementlist empty at least there should be 3 floors and ceilings!