Issues with the raybounce - 1

I am having issues with the raybounce - 1. if the room origin does not fall under a ceiling (but a ceiling exists in the room) 2. if something falls below the ceiling (like a finish floor) the ceiling is not reported. I also tried the archi-lab room bounding elements node and it does not find any ceilings (ceilings are room bounding). Any guidance would be appreciated!

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To avoid the finish floor, for example, launch the raybounce at 10 cm.
Then add 10 cm to the output points from the Raybounce node.

For your first issue, use the package DynamoMEP and create a grid of points in the rooms.
These grid of points will be the origin points for the raybounce node.
Then you will have to sort the points for each room and keep (probably) the lowest.