Ceiling height to room parameter

I’m following the script that is explained here: http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/ceiling-height-in-a-room-parameter/
As result I have a ceiling height in the room parameter ‘comments’, but it’s not the correct one.

How can I change my script so that the ceiling height is filled in in the correct corresponding room parameter?

hoogte vals plafond naar ruimte parameter.dyn (19.3 KB)

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At the end of the definition, just change the name of the parameter that is feeding into the “Element.SetParameterByName” node. Just now it is writing to the “Comments” parameter because that is what it is being told to do.

I think that I didn’t explained the problem well… :slight_smile:

The problem is not the parameter, the problem is the value. The value that is filled in is not the one of the corresponding ceiling height but of a random ceiling of another room. There is so a mismatch between the ceiling height and the rooms…

Hello, something like this will probably work:


How are you ensuring the correct ceiling height is going to the correct room? You will need to map the values to the correct rooms will you not?

You’re right, I’ll take a look further…


Ah okay.
The node seems to work for me as expected. I am only using it on a small project with 10 rooms though so that might be the issue.
Also, i would image this kind of workflow may present some issues where a room has more than 1 ceiling.
I will have a look on using it with a larger project but it would be pushing my limited Dynamo skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is:


If this is a workshared file, check this, and the link in it.


@Marcel_Rijsmus: It’s very nice but it could be the wrong thread (maybe this one: https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/is-this-excel-spreadsheet-possible-to-produce-in-revit-and-dynamo-alone/7871 ?)

@joris.vanbossche: If it answered the question, could you mark it as solved? If not, just tell us why…

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I am pretty sure :slight_smile:

OK, sorry, I’ll read it with more attention tomorrow. Thank you in advance for what I’ll learn :relieved:


Ok you are forgiven. :wink:

If I’m not mistaken, with your script all rooms get one and the same value?

Here is my Revit project where you’ll find 3 rooms with 3 different ceiling height and as result I want a room parameter where I find the value of the height of the ceiling: test dynamo hoogte ruimtes.rvt (1.2 MB)

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Hello, no, solids get a different height, the FilterByLevel node nicely matches the data’s. But I’ll take a look at your graph to verify this once more.

@Yna_Db In which package can I find the FilterByLevel node?

It’s in Chynamo. There’s also a Get Rooms by Level in Archi-Lab. I had some surprises but I’m now close to a conclusion, just 5 more mn…

OK, I encountered a problem with getting some of the ceilings in the Room.BoundingElements node (from Archi-Lab) from the data’s collector nodes but I managed it with Select All Rooms. Here is where I am: the list of rooms should now match the list of ceilings and their corresponding heights:

I give it a try in the complete graph…

@Yna_Db I was thinking in the same direction to create lists of ceiling and room and they need to match.

I think I have a working solution:


Seems perfect, I didn’t try this GetSurroundingsElements node yet but it seems much easier than with anything else. Congrats!

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