Creating ceilings based on room schedules

Hello everyone, I’m new here and trying to create my first script in dynamo.
I would like to create my interior floor-, wall- and ceiling finish based on my room schedules.

I succeeded to create a script for my floor- and wall finish based on room schedules, but I’m struggling with creating this script for my ceilings.

My script for the ceilings is based on the one for the floors. I have three questions:

  1. When I want to create the ceilings, only the ones on Level 0 got created, on the other levels no ceilings got created. I’m confused by this because it’s based on my script for the floors, which works fine on every levels.

  2. I would like to set the offset of my ceilings in my room schedules. Therefore, a created a shared parameter “Ceiling Height” for my rooms. But somehow when I fill in this parameter, it doesn’t affect the ceiling height of my created ceilings.

  3. Is it possible to write the script so that when something changes in the schedules, I can run it again and only the changes will by modified? Now it’s creating everything again. Which nodes do I need for this?

believe this is the part in my script where it goes wrong:

Could you help me please?

Because your script “Element.GetParameterValueByName” not work.
You need input type “element” to “element” of that node.
“Rooms” is not Element, that is String


You can see my script

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Thank you for your response, now I’m able to set the offset in my schedules :slight_smile:

Do you also know where I’m wrong with creating ceilings on different floors?
In the project I have two levels and I want to create ceilings on both of them.

In my script I set Levels “NIV. 0” and at Ceiling.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel > lacing > longest to create ceilings on multiple levels. But as result I get all the ceilings of the different floors created on NIV. 0.
So now I have all the ceilings of my project on the same level.

Am I missing something?

Hi, maybe help you

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Thank you!

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