Height of the room with Raybound

Hello folks,
I have read previous posts about the same subject. I though I found a nice solution. The previous old post about the same subject here
I am working with Revit 2019 and Dynamo 2.02 6833.
I used the Revit file (Autodesk Rac advanced sample) to set the dynamo definitions.
While 1floor rooms and 3floor get their height nicely corrected,
the second floor rooms are all skipped ! I do not know why this happens.

There is a list of nulls comes into the Dynamo graphs, and it is likely the reason why it can connect. I did not find yet the why this happens.
In the graphs the three cyan colored block are not used, they are there just as control during the thinking.

WrongRebound I solved the problem in the previous post, starting from room location.
When the graph run, I noticed this secondary problem , raybounce get the furniture in the way and that is getting the room at the table level.
It can be solved with preparing a 3dView, that has no furniture and whatsoever in the way, and run the graph with this. [solved]