Ceiling height to room parameter

Based on the script posted earlier I’ve made workflow for matching the room with the ceiling.
The GetSurroundingsElements node is great but it will miss the ceiling if the room limit offset is too low.
So in that case the intersection method with appropriate offset will do the job.
Here is what I’ve done, hope it will help somebody =)

P.S. This script is design to set the room limit offset according the ceiling height in the room.

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I was trying something similar but couldn’t get the rooms boundaries polycurves, don’t know why. I have to investigate. Thanks for the input.
Update: I came to the conclusion that polycurves can’t be extracted if rooms volumes are already computed…

Here is where I was an hour ago:

I used the base surface of the geometry from rooms. I’m now curious to know if it works in all cases…

I want to try your workflow.
But I can’t get some custom nodes.(Room.BoundingElements-Archilab)
Where can you get a “Room.BoundingElements-ArchiLab”?
Please tell me.

Hi, this node is from the Archi-Lab package. Please see here:
And this is how it answers the issue:


can you please let me know where I can get the Get Elements by Category/Level and Offset nodes.

There are a couple of options but I believe in the archi-lab package there is a node - select elements by category and level.

thanks for getting back to me so quickly, i have that node just cannot find the offset node that was used

The “Offset node” is simple Code Block where you should type “a+200” , that is all = )

thanks again for your help. i am trying to get your graph to work but i keep getting errors, would you be willing to take a look and see what i am missing?

Hi There,

It is hard just from this screenshot to investigate your problem. Please attach sample rvt model or at least highlight and screenshot what is the input to the nodes where is error and the error text. Thank you!

Ceiling Height.dyn (16.4 KB)
here are my files taht i am working with. thanks for your help

i am unable to attach my revit file as it is to large

Trying to catch up on this thread. It seems like a raybounce would do the trick for this workflow…

20170207-raybounceRoomsCeilings.dyn (15.9 KB)


Sorry but I can’t help you without the information from the errors. I really don’t know what is wrong with your script. You should examine the input values to PolyCurveByJoinedCurves. From that I can see there is some issue that causes problem to the chain behind. So this is the only help I can give with this information.

thanks for your help, i will test it out and see what i can get.

i am getting a null at the Room.Boundaries node is there anything i need to do with lacing?

@Scott.Hawryluk, did you try the raybounce example i provided?

I just did and it worked great! I changed it to select all elements of a category so you do not have to select anything in the model. now I just have to get to read the room number and add it to my ceiling tag.

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I used a similar method. though i ran the raybounce twice - once to get the room list, second time to input the ceiling height parameter.

7546 Ceiling Room test 7.DYN (157.4 KB)

basically - i use the raybounce get a line to intersect with a room solid. prior to including this double running of the ray bounce i was getting the wrong ceiling height in the room parameter where there where 2 types of ceiling in a room.