Watch Image node as output in Dynamo Player

It works well to set the Watch node as the output of Dynamo Player.

Besides, for my case, I need to show the Watch Image node as the output. Is there any tips to show that?

Thank you :slight_smile:

FYI @LilliSmith

Hi @ahmadaldo We are interested in this idea of using Watch node as an output for Dynamo Player too. What is the use case that you are interested in enabling here? What would be helpful for you to show in the watch node for Player? Images? 3D Geometry? either? Both? Who will be using this and what will they be trying to accomplish? Thanks for any insights!

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you can use data-shapes to display image via logo



Hello @LilliSmith I am planning to show a graph and/or illustration based on optimization process. An example is the following figure:


That’s an example of a metaheuristic optimization graph from a previous forum discussion:

It would be great if we can show that image inside the Dynamo Player. For my case, I can show graphic (image) to evaluate how good my model, by only utilizing Dynamo Player.

Let me know if you have suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Good idea @christian.stan ,
let me try :slight_smile:

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