Adding Images in Dynamo Script for Teaching Purposes

Not only am I in the process of learning Dynamo for both form generation and Revit project control, I am also trying to come up with a way to make learning Dynamo easier for some of my users (and anyone else out there.) One thing I would like to do is create a workspace that had notes and images that show the Nodes and Layouts the learner would try to achieve. I know this can also be done outside the workspace, but because Revit & Dynamo both activate and come to the top together, it gets difficult to read on the screen. The image I attached shows how I want to show the result and leave a space so they can find, place and linked the nodes themselves.

If anyone can tell me how to display an image in the workspace, that would be great! If it works, I’ll share what I come up with.

PS - The new 'Export Workspace as Image in 1.1 go a long way in this same goal of publishing and documenting the process of scripting in Dynamo.


you can use the Watch Image node. You would have to distribute the images with the DYN files but its possible that way.

Cool - I tried that but couldn’t seem to get it to work… I tried using ‘File Path’ to browse for an image to put in the Watch Image node… what are the steps?

It takes some more nodes (unfortunately):


HA! Awesome!! This was my first Dynamo post for help and success! I’m on my way :slight_smile:
Is there any way to make the Watch Image window bigger? I tried enlarging my image and that didn’t work…
FYI - It doesn’t like spaces in the filename…

Thanks guys!

I don’t think you can make them any bigger. That’s a good feature request that I would submit to their GitHub page here:

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I think it also would be greate to have a “template”, så that every Dynamo-script you make have the same layout. Then it would be easier for the normal user.

@Rune_Haugland - I took a look at your link - that is very helpful. Always looking for ways to make things clearer for users (and myself…)

A code block alternative to the solution provided by @Einar_Raknes


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Sounds great! but it can’t be displayed in dynamo player!! is there a way to display it inside dynamo player?

Not at this time. What are you envisioning the use for?