Dynamo Player output

Hello Dynamo Community!

I have now tried in many scripts to set a node as output in Dynamo player but it never did anything.
Here is an actual example, i want to have the watch node as output in Dynamo Player.

But nothing there in the player.

Am i doing anything wrong? I would like to let the user select a list entry.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

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I would recommend you to use Data-Shapes UI++.
If you want to add something to Dynamo-Player as Input, you should right click on node before Watch node. From which node are coming these datas to Watch node?

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It´s a family Name node and it is automatically set to output when i set the watch node as output

Ok, thanks i never had the time to look up datashapes, but i will do it now!

There is a YouTube video from @GavinCrump, you can learn it and create your own UI.


Perfect, will learn and try it in the evening :slight_smile:

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Rename the Watch node anything except “Watch”


Oooohhh and how should someone know that :smiley:

Works great, thank you tradelie!


you are so good

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