Watch node in Dynamo Player


Hi, all.

I want to show the dynamo script results using ‘Watch node’.

but the ‘watch node’ didn’t show up in the Dynamo player.

I already checked ‘Show Labels’ and save it.
Even though I save this file, when I open this script in dynamo player, the watch node cannot show up.
Did you have a similar problem? or do you have any other ideas to show the results?

Thank you.

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I think, you only have to change the name of the watch node



Oh! I didn’t know that.
It is really simple thing, haha.

Thank you!

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On top of that I have another question: Could I make the List that I see in Dynamo Player to zoom on the specific element I click on (as watch does in dynamo workspace) in Revit?

Dynamo Player watch list: Dynamic pick to Revit elements