Display Output result on Dynamo Player

Hi, is there a way to now include a result on the dynamo player once the script finished? i saw that you can assign a output check on a node if you right click on it but i don’t see anything showing the value.

I think Is Output is still just for Refinery. You can use something like Data Shapes or another custom node to display a dialog box at the end of your script though.

Hi Nick, thanks for replying. I searched on the packages but i couldn’t see any Dialog Box solution. Do you know where i can find some information about?

Put a watch node at the end, rename it to something else (maybe “Result”), and set it to “Is Output”. You can have multiple outputs as well.


Data Shapes is the package, but there are others that have a dialog or user message node. I would definitely suggest checking it out. It has many other input options that Player lacks, however, @mzjensen’s solution is probably more what you’re looking for if you’re using Player for inputs already.

You are man! :+1:

Here is my graph… work very well so far. Next step, a table.

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Very cool, didn’t know we could do this. Thanks Zachri!