Visibility/Graphic Overrides through Dynamo


I’m trying to make an interface using the data-shape-nodes. We’re using MEP and what i’m trying to achieve is make an interface for my collegues so that they can choose category-sets so we can quickly switch what we want to see and what not.
Example: If i want to see only a part of the mechanical categories for instance Ducts, Duct Fittings and Duct accessories i now go to V/G overrides and search and turn off all categories i don’t want to see and turn on Ducts, Duct Fittings and Duct accessories.
But what i rather do is make a selection set so i only have to run the script through dynamo (player).

So mainly my question is:
Is it possible to change the host V/G Overrides through dynamo?




We do the same thing with view templates.


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Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your response.

I know it’s possible through view templates, but the number of view templates really grow wild then. Thats why i prefer to run it through dynamo.

That will work,

I’ll go that way for now, but i’m still wondering if i can use dynamo to control my V/G overrides.

Thanks (Bedankt alvast)


Try the Archi-lab package

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There is a node View.SetCategoryVisibility in the package MEPover. It works great to turn on and off the Visibility of Categories.



You could combine the stuff in archilab with the MEPover stuff and others with a master Excel file to set up this faux view template setup.

Each sheet in the excel file would be the name of a preset view type. Column A of each sheet would be the category names, columns b, c and the rest would contain the settings needed to control the visibility settings for each item, and the like. Then set up the Datashapes package to allow the selection for one of the Excel sheet names you programed in, and use the set overrides nodes accordingly…

Setting this up and coordinating the parts will be frustrating. You are likely to go quite batty trying to make it work. I personally think it would likely be easier to set up templates as @Marcel_Rijsmus noted above, but the tool could be quite useful if you have the guts to go through it.

Hi I’ve tried something similar to what you have asked for but at the end I tried to isolate categories rather than overrides but it will pretty much be suitable for your case. Check link below

This is something we are looking into as well - isloating few layers (windows, walls, floors) in 3D revit. Could you please share the dynamo script here. Thanks!


I’ve tried to turn off the plasterboard wall layer. I tried overrides category but once