Set Category Visibility

I am trying to use the SetCategoryVisibility node to turn model categories on and off in a 3d view. It worked in previous Dynamo versions, but it seems to not be working anymore in 2.0.1. The node just responds “Could not set visibility.” Has anyone had this same problem, or is there something I need to change with this update?Capture

having same issue, cant seem to resolve it

Are you running the same script as the 1.3 Dynamo version or rebuilding in 2.0? It was said before but scripts made in earlier versions may not run properly when ran in Dynamo 2.0.

This actually has nothing to do with the Dynamo version but with the Revit version. The Revit API has been changed since Revit 2018.
I’ve updated the node and should now work with the latest Revit versions as well.

You can just use out of the box (OOTB) nodes and avoid the package dependency all together.


Sorry to bring up the old post, but i tried using the OOTB nodes on a floor plan view or view template and it doesnt work like your screenshot below.

The image below is my result when i run the script.

And the picture below is the graph.

Using Revit 2016 and dynamo 1.3

I am trying to use the MEPover View.SetCategoryVisibility node to edit multiple view templates at once by sending the list into the View input but it seems to only work for the first item on the list. When I input one view at a time it works great so I am guessing something about the custom node is limiting the number of views it will handle at a time. I am very new to dynamo and don’t know enough about python to evaluate how the node works. Thanks

I solved my own problem by using the OOTB View.SetCategoryOverrides and everything works great.