Access V/G menu

Can I access the Visibility/Graphics menu in Dynamo without using Python? I have just dipped my toes into learning Python. If I must use Python or some coding language, how do I use it to access the V/G menu? I may need hand-holding through a short lesson in Python.

Only accessible via postable command, which means not really. PostableCommand Enumeration

Some stuff (ie: View Filters) can be set directly, but mostly the menu is off limits.

Bugger. Thanks for letting me know. Is there another way to override how categories appear in a view(s), effectively doing what I would do in the V/G menu but without directly using the menu? For example, I’d like to turn off the visibility of the Project Base and Survey Points in select views (to which I intentionally have not applied view filters).

Template for V/G overrides in a given view.

Another option would be to define a template with your desired overrides in Revit and apply the template to the view(s) via Dynamo. Depending on the complexity of your overrides this might be a faster way to build your solution.

As for what you said below the image, I have used that in the past for applying a plethora of changes to multiple views, as you suggested. It seems the most effective method for many changes. I’m looking for small-scale changes, so the graph you posted looks like what I’m after, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t see much efficiency in creating a temporary view template to turn off or override only a couple categories/subcategories.

The OverrideGraphicsSettings.ByProperties node does not have a “Visibility” input. Is there a node which does? @Robert_Younger

By visibility, do you mean hide/show?

That’s in the SetCategoryOverrides node, the boolean at the bottom.

That is it. I didn’t think I needed the OverrideGraphics node connected if I simply hide an object, but evidently I do. Thanks for your help!