View Template - Copy VG Overrides-Import

Is there a way to copy VG Overrides for Imports (DWG Links) from one VT to another via Dynamo? I looked through what I have and didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.


Check out the Bimorph Nodes package.

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@BenDoty_LMN 's suggestion will work for setting how the Imported Categories/subcategories appear globally throughout the project, but the bimorph node won’t help if you are looking for a view specific solution.

Obtaining the graphic overrides of a view template and applying them to others could be done in Dynamo, but from what I can tell it would require using Python and a degree of manual input of the categories that you want to obtain the graphic overrides of.

There could be a more time efficient/sensible solution I’m just not thinking of, but developing a graphic overrides workflow in Python could be worth it if you foresee needing this capability a lot/at a large scale.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a look. :beers: