Merge two view templates


I have view templates assigned to my views with the help of Dynamo (worked great)4.16-0041_create areaplans incl. viewtemplate and scopebox.dyn (57.9 KB)
, and i want to merge the properties of an other template with these templates.
So first i set all views with their associated templates exept the revit links option (unticked in the include column of the templates), then merge another template with these templates with only the settings for revit links ( the same as the command “apply view template properties” in revit). Is this option exposed in the API yet and is there a node for this?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus

Hahahaha Good Question. As far as i know this is not possible.


Think i found a solution :slight_smile:
1- temporary store viewnames with their appropiate view templates in excel.
2- apply the template with only the revit links settings on all views, (nothing changes exept the revit links settings)
3- save
4- set the previous templates from excel.



@Marcel_Rijsmus I thought your asking if this is possible to do with the help of Revit API :smile:

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There is a method in the API that could potentially do what you are asking for.


Hi Marcel,

i have a view template that i set up all the design options for the linked elements, can i use the same way you just explained to apply those changes to other view templates?


Yes you can, keep in mind that in all other viewtemplates you have to uncheck the RevitLinks so that the new settings can take effect

can you take a look at this please?

OK i have had a look, i dont think its an option.
If anyone can prove otherwise im interested

thank you!