How to turn off certain Sub-Category for specific view types



is there a way to hide a sub-category via dynamo rather than editing each and every ViewTemplate?

I found a screencast here but the author didn’t share the phyton code

I want to be able to turn-off the HR_Radius subcategory of a family under the Plumbing Fixture category.

if @john_pierson, is around, kindly share the phyton code for us to follow.
thanks in advance.

Set custom settings for linked models

Well darn. I did a pretty bad job of sharing that graph didn’t I. :nerd_face: Let me see if I can find that as it has been a little bit of time.



Thanks much @john_pierson…will be waiting for the phyton script…


Well @Revit_Noob, thankfully it is a heck of a lot easier now thanks to some new nodes from @Konrad_K_Sobon in OOTB and some from his package

And the graph:
hideCatsInGivenViews.dyn (9.8 KB)

And a video walking through the process,


Thanks will try this out later and give feedback…


Apologies if I jump in.

Has anybody tried if detailLevel works? What is it suppose to change?

is this a bug?


what if the sub-category i want to hide is not listed in the OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties?