How to turn off certain Sub-Category for specific view types

is there a way to hide a sub-category via dynamo rather than editing each and every ViewTemplate?

I found a screencast here but the author didn’t share the phyton code

I want to be able to turn-off the HR_Radius subcategory of a family under the Plumbing Fixture category.

if @john_pierson, is around, kindly share the phyton code for us to follow.
thanks in advance.

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Well darn. I did a pretty bad job of sharing that graph didn’t I. :nerd_face: Let me see if I can find that as it has been a little bit of time.


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Thanks much @john_pierson…will be waiting for the phyton script…

Well @Revit_Noob, thankfully it is a heck of a lot easier now thanks to some new nodes from @Konrad_K_Sobon in OOTB and some from his package

And the graph:
hideCatsInGivenViews.dyn (9.8 KB)

And a video walking through the process,


Thanks will try this out later and give feedback…

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Apologies if I jump in.

Has anybody tried if detailLevel works? What is it suppose to change?

is this a bug?


what if the sub-category i want to hide is not listed in the OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties?

Hi All,

Is there a way to change this to select a specific view template or enable temporary view properties to the current view and then run the graph so the changes only happen in temporary view and then when you run it again it disables the temporary view properties?

Thank you in advance.


What about user created sub-categories?
A big one for us are clearances of Electrical Equipment and Mechanical Equipment. The names include “Clearance,” “Clearances,” “Clearance Zones,” etc.

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Not working as expected in Dynamo on second run.

Update to the latest archilab package.

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Hi this solution is great for OTBcategories. Unlike the Python script you showed before, this solution DOES NOT handle sub-categories, or custom made sub-categories. Any chance we can still get that Python script? Thank you.

That python script is from over 2 years ago and I don’t have access to it. Maybe someone else can chime in to help out.

Sorry about that.

That graph has a note saying the View.GetByType node is from
I presume that’s supposed to be

I’m still in Revit 2020, Dynamo 2.3
When I try to update archi-lab, it says it’s for Dynamo 2.5.
Can I go ahead and install archilab v2021.25.2?
If not, which version do I need?

Replying to myself:
I was able to install v2021.25.2 and it worked.
The node in question View.GetByType has been subsumed into the base package.
There is now(Dynamo 2.3) an OOTBB node named Views.GetByType
Note the function name is plural (Views) & not singular

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