View Placement - Size Error

Hey all,

So I know the deal with the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView placement, and why the error pops up (say your view at the current scale is too big for the sheet). All of the previous posts I’ve seen reference trying to place the view manually to check the size. My view is tiny compared to the sheet, yet Dynamo still says the view is too big for the sheet. See below:

I placed it in this location. The only thing I can think of is that since it is generated and placed off of the sheet (down and to the right), maybe that is why. any ideas?

@cnealy Do you have a Crop Region on the view?

@awilliams I do not – I tried going that route, but resizing it proved problematic.

Can you elaborate on how it was problematic? The reason I asked about crop region is because I’m thinking its possible the view is actually too large since it looks like this is an axo of a single element with the rest of the model elements hidden out, so maybe the view’s size is technically as large as your model. But this could be an incorrect assumption if the viewport box when selecting the view on the sheet doesn’t appear to be very large.

That’s very possible! The only nodes I’ve seen to resize the crop box require x,y,z inputs and I’m building 40-60 of these views/sheets at the same time. Maybe there’s a package I don’t have downloaded.

I think what @awilliams is saying is that turning on the crop region might help to confirm the size isn’t too big. Often these axons include the hard coded origin, project base point, or survey point which can be quite a way off from the geometry you’re isolating.

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Absolutely. When I incorporate the crop view, the size is still too large, as the default crop area (using SpringNodes View.CropView) is much larger than the isolated part. So I think you’re right as far as to say that the uncropped region is propbably bounding the whole model. Any way to auto resize the crop box to fit each part?

Have you seen this:

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I checked it out, unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the workflow as the views are generated by a list of parameter values and then filters applied (built by the same list).

I’ll have to figure out some way to resize the crop box once I create the view.

@cnealy Hmm you probably could filter the output of generated views in some way to pass the views that would need crop boxes through the Steam Nodes View.CropView node

Yeah, I’ve run them through that node but the crop box is huuuge.

Are they assigned to a scope box? Or maybe they have a section box since they’re 3D views?

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Are all the views similar to the one you’ve shown - basically an axo of a single element? If so there is likely a way to modify the crop box to fit the bounding box of the element.

@Nick_Boyts I hadn’t even thought about section box! I would think if there was one, running the views through the View.CropBox would produce a much smaller crop

I think section box and crop box use different methods so one wouldn’t fix the other. And showing the crop region wouldn’t turn on the section box like it did in the image above so I’m a little confused. But it could just be that both were too big and the crop box is fixed (or turned off) and the section box is the one still causing trouble.

Ah! @cnealy I think I know what you need to do now that I remembered seeing these two posts of yours:

I would try replacing your AxonometricView.ByEyePointAndTarget node with AxonometricView.ByEyePointTargetAndBoundingBox and use the elements’ bounding boxes min and max points to get your eye points and target points (maybe not depending on the geometry of the elements but I don’t think you will want to use the same points for each item), and the elements’ bounding boxes for the axo view bounding box, and set the toggle for “isolateElement” to true. See below example

This produced 2 of these with the crop region sized correctly on elements in different locations:


So folks, it’s all for naught. I switched the node to Anonometrix.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews and all of a sudden it worked. No clue why.

What package is that part of?

My apologies – after looking back over this post, my typos were rampant.

The two nodes I was using were AxonometricView.ByEyePointAndTarget (OOTB Revit dropdown) and Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews (Revit OOTB dropdown).