Placing View on Sheet, Scope Box doesn't appear to be set

Hello all!

I am scrambling my brain trying to figure out when I place a view that is cropped by the scope box on a sheet, Dynamo still thinks it’s an uncropped view showing the overall. I’ve used every combination of passthrough node usage that I can think of and I can’t get the viewport to place properly after having the scope box set. Here is an image of the graph, I can get the 3D views to place properly, but the floor plans are the issue.

Let me know if you’d like to see my graph already ran.
Thank you for your time.

Reproducing the same issue with a smaller scale workflow. The scope box is properly applied, but the Viewport.Create uses the original view size in determining the centerpoint and viewtitle size.

Yes, I can’t recall this happening before, I could be wrong. I’m wondering how to work with this all in the same graph or if it’s something downstream in my graph that is causing the viewport create node to not recognize the newly adjusted crop region and center.

Maybe the view you have open needs to regenerate.
-just a thought-


I don’t think I am following, do I regenerate in dynamo? or is it something I do in Revit?

Regenerating a document is needed when you are sequencing things. Await nodes seem like they do this but they don’t (at least for changes like this) because Dynamo’s transaction manager wants them to stay together and wraps all the changes up as one undo.

To fix this you can use Transaction.End to force a regeneration after you set the scope.

However, I can add this to Rhythm for the next release. Here is what it looks like in code.

Here is a video showing the differences between not having a Transaction.End node and having one.

and here is what it will function like in a future version of Rhythm:


I appreciate it, I tend to forget the transaction.end and start exist to do things like this. Works like a charm!

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