Axonometric View Creator Naming Issue

Hey all,

I’m attempting to run AxonometricView.ByEyePointAndTarget and my script is renaming the views to a large string of text, as the suffix to my current requested name. See below:


Anyone seen anything like this before? I noticed it doesn’t really happen if I’m running it for only one view, only when doing many.

Well it looks very much like GUID information, can you show more of your script? / post a stripped copy?

Sure, this is the relevant information – the rest of the script creates schedules, filters, etc that are all names correctly. The error is only applying to the views.

Thanks for the response!

Thanks for that.
This issue has been raised before on GitHub.(Check down the bottom of the post)

The GUID shows like this as to simplify the creation of views without duplication.
Sounds like you will need to “post-process” the view names after creation to remove the GUID.

Interesting – since the view names are set using a list, any ideas as to why the GUID is added to the end instead of simply naming it based on the list of names used?

I understand the reasoning if I wasn’t using an input list, but since I’m driving the names list, it’s odd that the names are additive.

You are right, it is odd that the suffix is still added.
I’ll compile a test file on Monday for a look see. Any more thoughts from the community in the meantime?

I make a workaround for it by using an Element.SetParameterByName node and feeding in the list node to the View Name parameter. fortunately, that worked, still odd. Thanks for the response!

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