Tag Windows on Linked Models


i have 7 units as linked models, and i want to tag all the windows in the elevation views, for some reason tag all (including linked elements) doesn’t work, I guess because of design options,

so i’m trying to use dynamo, but it won’t work, any idea what’s wrong? thanks

The principle of the node is rather that :

this is the error i get;

Are you inputting null elements in “Elements”?

no, i have 89 windows

Can you show your graph with all previews under nodes enabled ?

yes sir, but i believe it’s not working cuz of stupid design options

I can not make the node work for other categories than linked rooms and spaces.

You can use the “Tag All” command in Revit.

trust me, i may not know dynamo that well, but i know revit well enough lol
it doesn’t work and i guess it’s cuz of each link has 5 design options
but thanks anyways!

It seems like since Revit 2018, it’s possible to tag linked elements;
You can try with the node “Create Independant Tag” from Genius Loci package.

Mar 22

@Dimitar_Venkov yes, Revit 2018 has a new method called IndependentTag.Create() where you can supply a Reference() to an Element in a linked file. This is new and was not available via API in earlier versions. I think it’s in 2018.0 as well not just 2018.1. Previously the only elements that had a special method for tagging in a linked file were Rooms and the node from Archi-lab.net includes that functionality.

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unfortunately i’m working with 2017, thanks a lot again :beer:


I raised a similar issue here…

Perhaps only rooms and spaces have been enabled in the api somehow? It would be great to have a work around :slight_smile:



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As far as I know design options are not exposed to API