Tag doors individual per parameter used in the door instance

Hi dynamo fans,

long time since i did some scripts with dynamo so i hope u can help me with my idea.

Our door tag looks like this.

Somtimes only Para 1 and 3 is set so i need to use another door tag with only the parameters 1 and 3 because if not the tag is displayed with “?”.

I know i could use all parameters in one label in the family to get rid of the “?” but then i can’t change size, color or framing like in the pictures above.

So i thougt of a script i can run to automatical give the correct labe with all parameters needed for the door.

So i need some help with this idea beacuse its above my knowledge about dynamo.
So first i made a mindmap of what i’m thinking.

First i need all doors in in the model and then i need different lists of doors with a specific parameter like “if parameter 1 and 2 is set” tag doors with anotion tag type a.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @schlueter,
I would do something like this:

  1. Get all doors you need to tag
  2. Get all 4 parameters for those doors
  3. Check if they have a value or they are blank [you get true/false here]
  4. Concatenate all true/false results with a separator (e.g.: “-”)
  5. Create a dictionary with keys based on your conditions and assign the name of the tag family as value. e.g.: key = true-true-false-false will have value = TYPB
  6. You can now get the required tag type for all doors using the concatenated string from step-4 and using the ValueAtKey node.
  7. Get the tag family by name and tag it
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Hi @schlueter
maybe in your revit family tag, try duplicate labels and set the parameters that you want to show and assign a visibility parameter and aftet in your revit project you can check the instance parameter that you want see.

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thanks for the replys.

thats not the problem. i could do that but i still need to change the tage manually for ervery door. I dont want to do that. We have multiple plans where the door tags are visible and thats a lot of time i need to invest for changing alle the tags.

Hi i hope you can help me a little more.

So i tried something like this i found in another thread.

So at the moment it looks like this.
1st question:
Is there a way i dont need anything in the “value-string” for “elementfilter”? I want to filter all doors with somthing in the parameter.

2nd question:
What about the Tag location. I want them infront of the doors. But don’t know how.

I think i need to do this step by step because i dont get all the things you mentioned. and if i dont habe some kind of example that helps me understand i’m lost :confused:


Why not have Dynamo change those for you? Just because you can automate something that previously wouldn’t be done due to the difficulty of producing it by hand doesn’t mean you should. Remember that each time the view scale changes someone is going to have to manually clean up all of these tags, likely by hand.

@schlueter Please share a sample Revit file loaded with few doors and parameters.

If i got you right… Got point.

Havent thought of that. So i do need a script that changes existing door tags in the current view at its position.

  1. List all doors with door tags in current view
  2. Check if they have the parameters filled in and creat different lists
  3. Change tags in the list with to tag family xyz

Dont know how but i think this is what u mean.

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I made a little testfile. with example parameter for doors para1, para2, para3 and para4.

The first row is how it should look. On the second row there are the same doors with same parameters but all have the tag with 4 parameters and the “?” because of no parameter fild in.

rvt was to big for the forum (4,264mb). Here is a wetransfer link:

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@schlueter This should get you started

Home.dyn (37.6 KB)

Please create a new topic if you need help with multiple views or offset location.