Door tag showing To Room and From Room


I’m trying to create a door tag that would show the ‘To Room’ and/or ‘From Room’. I found older topics on the similar matter. I’m absolutely new to Dynamo and don’t really know much about how it works. But I tried following some tutorials and older solutions from the forums, but nothing seems to work!

The tutorial and solution link is given bellow:

Help please! Thanks in advance!


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Could you post your .Dyn &/or a screen capture showing the nodes? I’m sure we can help you work through the problem…

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Thanks for responding! Here’s what it looks like. I put exact things according to the tutorial, but getting a lot of errors!


So let’s worth through sequentially to find the problem, checking the nodes as we go… If you hover over the yellow nodes you can see what the error is? Can you check what the output from the Python script is saying (I’d rather not retype it here)?

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Note that there is a node in the clockwork package to enable getting the rooms for a door (Door.Rooms I believe) which will remove the need to deal with any of the python.