Tagging Elements with Category Tag in Revit Using Custom String


I have a number of walls varying in height and length and I would like to annotate them in a way e.g. “Wall Length 5.20 , Wall Height 8.50” in the plan view. I have tried to locate the center point of elements and prepared the strings list. I am putting the strings as parameter values but I fail to have them put in Category Tags in the model.

What is it that I am missing here? I reckon it has to be something to do with the Tag Family and it’s inside parameters but I can’t get this done.

If it is something wrong with Tag Family;

Should I put the parameter name of WallType to edit Label parameters or Family parameters?

You need to use Create Annotation Tag from archi-lab or another tag creation node.


Location, type, element, view I understand. However, I need to put my custom string as the input and I don’t understand where to put it using this node.

I don’t understand the string input. Is this an actual tag family or a generic annotation family? Tags don’t usually work with family parameters.

It is the multi-category tag family. So should I create a generic annotation family and try it with that one?

Can you explain the string input parameter and show a picture if possible? Are you trying to fill out a parameter in the tag or the element? It should work the same way as your initial graph: tag the element then set the parameter.

I was trying to fill out a parameter in the tag but apparently failed to create the family tag right. So, I did it using a generic model and a model text, setting the parameter to the model text. Thank you for your help Nick!


Is that what you want to do?
In fact, @Nick_Boyts told you all the steps…

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This is pretty much what I want to do. Thank you!


You must use “Shared Parameter”. Please don’t skip that detail.
You can send a message privately for detailed information.

“Shared Parameter” kullanmanız gerekiyor. Lütfen bu detayı atlamayın.
Detaylı bilgi için özelden mesaj gönderebilirsiniz.

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