Set color on color scheme


My plan is to make a neutral color scheme for all rooms, setting all rooms to a color, solid fill, white.
This would not change my plan view, but…
Then set a few filters and set the override by room parameters, changing the color fill of the rooms.
The goal here is to have a mix of two or three different color schemes in one view, you cannot do this in Revit, right?.
How would i go about setting the color in the color scheme to begin with using Dynamo?
And… would this work?

Any advice will be appreciated.


I don’t know that it would, but I’m gonna try it out tomorrow as I just want to know.

What parameter(s) would you use to set the various colors?

You can do this in Revit. For example lets say you wanna do this by “Department” parameter. Select the rooms you need to color and set the parameter Department value and use color scheme to color your rooms. You can select colors by its parameter values in color scheme editor.

I think what @Marcel_Rijsmus is after is applying a color scheme, say by use, and then adding a filter to highlight rooms which meet a specific condition, say occupancy count under fifty.

An example:
All rooms which are business use are blue.
All rooms which are residential are green.
Rooms which are under 50 people and business use are purple.
Rooms which are residential and under fifty people are red.

In that case i think instead of value “By Range” would work here.

Thanks @Kulkul and @jacob.small

The parameters are unrelated.
This view is placed on a Sheet that will hold information for the firedepartment.
Something like all escape routes that go through corridors, are obstacle free, and at least 30 minutes on the Firerating parameters. These will be in green.
And then the parts of the building that are not owned by the contractor are in blue.
I have some more parameters to set, its quite complex.
I use a neutral parameter to make the colorfill, all white, by the colorscheme, lets say if area of the room is greater than 0,1 > make it white.
Then set the filters which will set the override for white into a blue fill pattern.


Looks like color schemes cannot be accessed via API in revit. And rooms (spaces, etc) cannot have their graphics overridden in view.

Only option i see is making a filled region for every room in the view.
Obviously this has some concerns with regions not updating as rooms move.

I do think that Dynamo could be used to drive a first pass at a custom parameter value.

  1. Set up a limit for the scope of work.
  2. If room is in scope of work, “In Scope”.
  3. if room is out of scope of work, return “Out of Scope”.
  4. If room is rated, return “Egress”.

Then set your color scheme to based on that parameter. You’d have to transfer project standards to move it between jobs though.

Hi @jacob.small

Check this. :slight_smile:
escape route.rvt (336 KB)


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Ah! Uses a filter! Genius as always @Marcel_Rijsmus!


If i only could set the colorscheme to rooms in a way that they allways be white…parameter = empty??
I’m shure i’ll find a way…
I’m happy you get where this is going.
I have to be more clear, providing a file would have been handy in the first place, sorry, sparring over this matter is priceless to me.




escape route.rvt (340 KB)

If it cant be done in revit it cant be done in dynamo
so this can be done in dynamo???


My second thought was “Transfer project standards after making the source color scheme in a file which you could have automated by Dynamo prior to setting the override…”

But no, that doesn’t work as transfer project standards is also not accessible by API. API functionality is 0/2 for me today. :frowning: Oh well two more votes for both.

Next thought: Why not skip over caring about the color scheme entirely? Enable any color scheme, and override all fill colors as you were before, but by layering them a over b over c over d. This would enable the same results, and in a manner which is accessible via the API.

I didn’t make the attached with Dynamo, but I think I could have. :wink:
In any case this could be thought of as a proof of concept.

egress - faux color scheme.rvt (384 KB)

Dynamo wise you’d have to:

  1. Programatically enable a color scheme for rooms on the view and don’t care about how it looks at all. Literally set any color scheme at all. Ugly and garis is actually good here as it would highlight a room that fails to catch itself in any filter. I don’t know if this can be done but even if it can’t, the four clicks required to enable it is almost a moot point if every other aspect is done by CPU right?
  2. Define the combinations of parameters for the filters based on your project standards, but ensure “area over 0” is on that list and apply those parameters to a series of filters.
  3. Apply those filters into the view or template in the correct order. Note that in the file I uploaded the copied floor plan doesn’t apply the colors correctly as the “area over 0” is the last filter applied (top of the list). This is the “make rooms a neutral base” filter.
  4. Set your colors and hatches for each filter. As you know, if you’re using this for a building department review you likely want it B&W and easily readable after photocopying it a few times so a hatch and grayscale is likely more ideal.

Ah beat me by 10 min. Might want to use the area > 0 as the filter for your color scheme as it is possible to create a “no” value which causes graphic issues. Area will always be >0 though.

Nicely done as always.


we both posted an answer at the same :slight_smile:
Never thought about copying the printed pdf…thumbs up.
, and again we posted at the same time :slight_smile:
And: how to set a query in a colorscheme? area > 0??

edit: studied it, use the AND