Multiple room colors scheme

Hi everyone,

any chanche to get multiple colors room scheme in one view? any idea?

How would you do this manually in Revit?

hi Jacobsmall,
thanks for replying!
In Revit i tried to apply a color scheme to rooms and then with filter overriding them, but im not getting what im looking for. I need actually to add a pattern scheme to an existing room color scheme…

Try to make them white (solid fill) in the color schema, next override with a pattern.

Thanks Marcel for the idea,
i need to preserve the original room color schema and add “tranparent” pattern on top…
Unfortunatly i can not get the result with Revit filters…

I thought only Materials can have 2 patterns applied atm.

So, a hacky workaround would be to use the Room boundary for a transparent Filled Region with the appropriate pattern.

Alternatively, it might be worth exploring a filter with a hatch in a Finish Floor (if you guys model those), combined with the Color Scheme of the Room in the view.

Both are not optimal, but I think those are the ways I would do it manually now in Revit. So worth exploring in Dynamo.

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Hi all,

looks like the Rooms colorschema Parameters are not exposed in the API. I guess there is no way to archive this :confused:

Have a look at the items on the 'For Everyon" about halfway down the page. :slightly_smiling_face: