How to highly Room Object in Revit model by Dynamo

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I am going to color coding my room object in Revit based on one of its parameters. But it doesn’t work. I attached an image from my dynamo workflow. Could you please tell me what the problem is? Thank you.

I know this is a Dynamo forum and everything. But I am a pretty firm believer in “the right tool for the job”. Revit color fill legends will do this a lot better for you and they update on the fly. The method you are correctly using will not work because by default rooms do not have any “geometry” showing.



Thank you John

The reason that I wanted to use Dynamo was that I wanted all my workflow in one environment. Anyway, I followed your steps, but the problem as shown in the attached images are color. I chose red color for “Too Hot” room but it turned to yellow. Also under my Rooms Legend only the color for Too Hot room appeared, and the colors for two other defined conditions (Too Cold, and Unsatisfactory Humidity) did not appear. Do you know where the problem is? Thanks

:open_mouth:Could you drop the rvt file here so that we can have closer look at it.

Hi Kulkul

Please find the attachement

Your issue is similar to this

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Setting the colorfill legend to all rooms by range (area?) and give them all the color white (which should leave everything as it is) gives you the opportunity to override them by filter. That will give you 3 possible options for override. (not possible by colorfill itself)
If parametervalue is x is true > blue
If parametervalue y and x are true> green
If parametervalue z and y and x are true> yellow
Keep in mind that the filters get applied bottom up.
The highest in the list gets applied last.


Thank you Kulkul
I followed the steps, but still has a problem. I don’t know why.

@MOJTABA256 Report your issue here

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Thanks @Kulkul
Do you know how I can do that in Dynamo? Thanks

I don’t know how you input the data on that room, but I tried creating other rooms and then selecting the Working Range Check as either Too Hot, Too Cold or Unacceptable Humidity, and the colors match what you wanted - but no information yet on temperature and humidity. Then, I input the remaining data randomly (Humidity and temperature), but that did not change the colors, so somehow the “Working Range Check” Parameter obviously is not driven by the analysis of temperature and humidity and just ignores whatever you put there.

Not sure if this helps?

Thank you so much @Francisco_Farias

Forget the temperature and humidity. I just want to change the color of the room based on its “Working Range Check” parameter value which is a text parameter. I want to change the room color to red if the parameter value is “Too Hot”, to blue if the parameter is “Too Cold” and to green if the parameter is “Unacceptable humidity”. I do not know why it is not working for me. Do you have any idea? I attached my rvt file below.

I tested it with your own file. I would suggest deleting the room you first created, create another one and then select it and choose the category you want in the drop-down menu under Properties->Data (for Working Range Check).

@MOJTABA256 Guess what. I found the solution for your problem. Do this:

  • Select all Copy.
  • Delete all.
  • Paste -> Align to View.

Here is the process in action.

I tested other rooms also everything works as expected now.

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