Selecting Dynamo solid on Revit


I am new to Dynamo and Revit, but not to modeling and program.

I am trying to create a parametric tank on Revit, using Dynamo. I started with the basic geometry

Surface thickening to get a solid

Now my solid is on Revit, but I cannot select it or apply parameters to it.

I think that the solution is simple, but im missing it. It has probably to do with assigning a family type or material to the solid in Dynamo?


try these nodes

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Basically you need to convert your Dynamo Solid to a Revit Family. You can do it in at least two ways:

A) FamilyType.ByGeometry: it creates a new family directly in your project

B) ImportInstance.ByGeometry: in your project imports only the geometry, not possible to apply attributes. Better to import it in a new family, save the family and load the family in your project

Take a look a this topics:
A) Sweep using model line and 2-D profile
B) From solid in Dynamo to element in Revit

Perfect, thank you for your answers

I followed your instructions on another topic.

What I’ve got so far is this :

The 2 families are created on Revit : Capture3

But I still dont find how to select my elements on Revit

Drag and Drop your new family or right-click>Create Instance

That is what I did, but when I try to create an instance of my family, I cant select the “dynamo” geometry.

I have to create a new elements in Revit, for example a wall, then I apply my Instance to it and it finally create my Dynamo geometry. But I have an extra wall that is linked to my geometry. If I delete the wall, the dynamo geometry disappear

I’m not sure to understand why you need to create a wall to place your family, it should be independent.

Anyway if you want to have all of your geometries in one family instead of two, you should join your geometry with node Solid.Union and then connect it to the FamilyType.ByGeometry.

As you said you are new to Dynamo and Revit, I think you should simply create your family in Revit, without Dynamo. Revit families are already parametric, you can create Parameters for Height, Radius,Thickness, Material and manage them inside your project. Dynamo is used, for example, to manage lot of geometries or data.
Just investigate how Revit families work and it will be way better :wink: