Element.Solid in Revit | Interface View

Hi Eveybody, here is Aspartate (Baptiste Boyard) I couldn’t connect here with my account (even if my iDs and password seems ok), so I use a Friend account.
(If anybody got that connexoin problem and know how to deal with it, I’m interested).

Here are my questions :

I’m using Dynamo in order to propose a Shelter (build in Revit with Family) that can be changed according parameter I set in Dynamo. My teacher want my Jury to be able to “play” with the parameter during my presentation. To do that, I’ll just let few parameter to change and let see the 3D in Revit and Dynamo. Like that, they can see what they are doing, and it proove, I’m not just telling magic. (my teacher’s words)

First problem : I have a Roof as Family (TOITURE_ASSEMBLAGE…), I load it in Dynamo, turn it into a SOLID (element.solid) to be able to do a rotation but from there, I don’t know how to put it back in Revit’s View. I see it good in Dynamo, I just have to disconnect the “Element.Solid” and let the new one and it goes, but it’s not what I search.

Then come the second problem. I’m working on the Dynamo 8.0 to avoid problems, so maybe the nexts versions fix this, but when I change a Parameter in my Family, it load it in Dynamo, and I have to delete the one on Revit for he generates the new one with the right parameters. Can I change parameters without having to delete and wait it reload Revit’s Geometry?


I can give more information if you need. I have to give a Sample tomorow to prove my point, and I start to feel a little bit anxious here!

Thanks for reading, here comes a pic

Toiture Rotation