Dynamo doesn't find solid geometry in family

I’ve got some problems with my Dynamo script.
I want to add “Material” instant parameter to all selected families and associate it with Material parameter of in-family Geometry. Every family has only 1 solid geometry within. Those families have been created by other dynamo script some time ago, so I prefer to upgrade those families despite reworking them.

So as you can see on attached screen I’m able to add “Material” parameter to the family, atleast it seems like that. There are no errors. But, at the end of the script ‘Select elements by category’ node does not find my solid geometry.

When I open family by Revit there is geometry with ID, etc. So where is the problem? Should I use different node?

After solving this problem I want to associate parameters by this script https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/associate-family-parameter-in-a-family/19709/2

And in the end how should I reload my family to the Revit project if the output of this script is an element?

I will appriciate any help! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Guys, please, any ideas? I’m stuck in a dead spot and I totaly don’t know what to do next…:confused:
Here is my script and test file.
Add_parameter_to_family.dyn (35.2 KB) Test_-_Add_parameter_to_family.rvt (1.5 MB)

@erfajo could I ask you for some help, please? I dont know where to look next. It seems that it was working some time ago in this topic https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/selecting-elements-by-subcategory-in-family-document-element-bycategory/16999/4
I have checked if dynamo sees categories in family and everything works, but somehow it does not work with generic model extrusions.

For sure I’m at “family level” I may select reference planes by ID that your nodes show in out list when I leave category input as empty. But where are generic extrusions? :frowning:

Hi @Jacko did you find any solution?

Check the detail level settings of your family geometry. If it’s changed from the defaul Medium, that can cause this problem.