Dynamo Solid to Revit not showing in Revit

Hi I tried to convert Dynamo Solid to Revit using FamilyType.ByGeometry node. The preview in Dynamo is ok but when I check the Revit file is not showing. Any nodes I missed? I’m new to dynamo so help will much be appreciated.

Hello @dmorta … and welcome to our community!.. try this one here from springs it create the instance family…hope it will work…

Thanks a lot. I will try this node and give you a feedback.

It’s not working.

How many solids do you feed in ? every solid need an unique name…are you in 2022 ?

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I only want to create a solid. Yes im in 2022.

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allright…springs package isnt updated yet for 2022…but then you could try this here…have not tested on 2022…but hope it will help…


Still not working. I just used 2021 then maybe it will work. Thanks a lot for you help.

It’s working in 2021. Thanks a lot for your help.

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Great…but should work in 2022 as well…strange :wink: