Sweep using model line and 2-D profile

I believe this is a simple task but i am stuck somewhere.
To create a sweep solid using dynamo.

A floor element should be created by the result of sweep.

My plan:
To create a curve in dynamo using three points, use this curve and a 2d profile created in revit, i have to sweep.

What i have done till now:
I had created points and created a circle profile in dynamo (all are dynamo geometries).

Output in Revit till now:

Output in Dynamo till now:

But i want revit geometry of solid floor to appear in Revit.

You need to convert your Dynamo solid to a Revit Family. Try with FamilyType.ByGeometry :wink:

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Work like a charm :+1:

i tried and i got this.

Warning msg is “FamilyType.ByGeometry” operation failed.
i got this shape in revit.

but instead i should get a shape something like in the dynamo screen.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Do i need to use project space and run this script or in a family template?
  2. In this FamilyType.ByGeometry node, What name i should give in “FamilyType”? Can we randomly give any name?

I made a test and the node works, it creates a family that has to be placed manually (it’s not automatically “baked” in your project).

Can you show what it’s written in the error message and in the output of the nodes?

I opened a new revit project and ran this dynamo script.
Do i need to open a Generic Model family template and run this script instead?

No, it’s ok to work in a project, not in a family environment.
In the screenshot you posted, you picked Generic Model Tags instead of Generic Model.

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yeah got that mistake and corrected now

yep it works like beauty. One last thing is i would like to make this as a “Floor”.
I can change the category to floor and how about the “template path”
Which template i need to choose?
By the way i tried editing the placed family in project and attempted to change its category to floor, but i can’t

Floors are System Families, so they work in a different way.
What you can do is create a Mass, instead of a Generic Model, and then use Mass Floors.
Or leave the category as Generic Model

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thats cool. Thanks mate. marking as solution

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