From solid in Dynamo to element in Revit


I’ve seen more similar topics but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer.
Is it possible to transform any solid into an element that can be managed in Revit? (I’ve already tried with Direct Shape of Spring Nodes but not seem to be working).
Any help is more than appreciated.

Thank you all.

You need to convert your Solid to a Revit Family with FamilyType.ByGeometry. You get a family inside your project that you can place anywhere.
Take a look a this post:

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Hi there,

You could use this node:


@Manel_Fernandez This node works too, but in this case you can only scale and move it, am I correct?
For example, you can’t apply materials, parameters, schedule it, categorize it etc…it’s just an imported symbol

I use it when I create a family from a sat file, or sth similar and you can apply materials, parameters, voids, etc. to the solids created.


Ah ok, you have to import it in a family workspace and then load the family into the project. I was importing it directly in the project!
Thank you!