Script keeps shutting down Revit

I have a script which worked fairly well in parts, but currently, when I attempt to open it, Revit crashes almost every time, and I have to revert to a previous version, make the changes I previously made, and everything works fine until I shut down my computer. I am running Revit 2018.2 with both Dynamo 1.3.2 and 2.0 installed. The only way I can get an error which I can read without shutting down Revit is by using Dynamo Player, and when I open the script, I get the message at the bottom. Once this occurs, Dynamo will read ANY other script and say its corrupt, forcing me to have to shut down Revit anyway. I keep all my scripts in the same folder, and I can open this same script without trouble using the Dynamo sandbox, but because the sandbox isn’t setup with Revit, its functionality is very limited.

The main focus of the script is supposed to read two excel files, compare data from some columns, then send that data to compare with a Revit file and check to see if there are elements present in the project which match the data, and if not, populate the file with the elements which match the Excel data.Dynamo_Quote_Error

Originally, I thought it was something with the way the script opened Excel files, but after deleting those nodes, freezing all the rest, and getting the same problem, now I’m not sure. It is not a small script, but I don’t believe size is the issue, because when it was running, it wouldn’t take longer than 1 minute to compile and run, and there were never any critical errors while running the script.

I checked the last backup, and the backup crashed Revit as well. Once again, it opens fine on the sandbox, but won’t run since it’s not Revit.

Looks like you are trying to load a Dynamo 2.0 graph in Dynamo 1.3. The new file type is not backward compatible.

@nix can you post the dyn? Also does t open fine with a different Revit model?

I’m only using Dynamo 2.0, and it was working well up until a certain point. My code DOES involve the use of Windows display boxes because I am feeding data back to the user and it will not fit properly in a simple message box, as well as the need for limited input from the user based on what he/she sees. I know it could probably be reduced with some additional code, but I am limited in my coding experience, and I also intend to reduce a section of the tasks by getting rid of the item # part, but I would need to verify through testing if I could work without it. #lists-logic, #revit, #pac
Scrubbed Quote_to_Revit Transfer.dyn (592.9 KB)

@JacobSmall, @Michael_Kirschner2

It doesn’t matter which model. Whether it’s new, blank, an older model, from 2016, or 2018, it winds up with the same results upon opening.

As a head’s up, I decided to open the renamed version of my script in Dynamo to find that it didn’t crash Revit when loading. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so I still want to figure out what the cause is before sending this to the rest of my department.

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