Dynamo script crashes Revit

Can someone tell me why this script crashes my Revit 2017.2 when I’m trying to open it? (BE CAREFULL!) It worked totally fine when I created it. Does it work with Revit 2018?
Lighting height (all devices).dyn (40.0 KB)

Hi @mironov.boris

Try Freezing all the nodes -> Unfreeze each operation as you go -> Run your graph. This way you will know which node is culprit. Cheers!

“Trying to open” means when I click open in dynamo, not “run”. Anyway, it seems working on my home pc, so the issue appears only on my working one which is pretty weird.

Sounds like the library race issue. Try the daily build of 2.0.3 from the Dynamo builds site. Moving packages onto the C drive and removing any with dependencies also helps that case.