Revit Schedule to Excel Bidirectional link

Using dynamo I want to be able to export a revit Schedule from Revit and export it to excel. I want to be able to ultimately modify the schedule in excel and reimport into revit. I’m new to dynamo and don’t know where to begin. Any recommendations?

Hi @dmaxwellE7VF9

Thank you!In this video it goes over for rooms. How would I adapt this to export schedules? Do I need to adjust any nodes in the graph?

He’s is not pushing the Schedule to Excel, he is pushing the data from Revit elements to excel.

So the question is what are you reporting in your Schedule, you export the data from that to excel.

Essentially, whatever parameters I want to schedule is what I need to export and sort in excel. Thanks for the help. This is my first time working in dynamo

This could help also:

This is how you export schedules:

The first 2 nodes are from archi-lab package and the rest are OOTB.


The video from the Bimorph site is quite explicit and shows enough to get started:


This worked, thank you so much. What do I have to do if I want to send it back to Revit?

Could you send a screenshot of your graph?
See here for reading from excel spreadsheet:
Try also to type your keywords in the search tool, it helps to see if any appropriate answer has not been given already:

Lastly, you could want to read the forum guidelines if you did not yet:

Here is my Graph of the schedule export. I am still trying to figure out exactly how many more nodes need placed in order to send the edited information back to a schedule in revit.

Something I noticed with my existing graph this morning is, if I choose multiple schedules from the list it makes multiple files but gives me the same information in the file.

Any suggestions and help are appreciated greatly.

Hi Kulkul

I have reproduced that Dynamo Bidirectional graph exactly as its described but it does not end up being truly bidirectional. It actually only works from Excel to Revit but not from Revit to Excel. Perhaps its impossible to create on Dynamo Graph that is bidirectional as it ends up looping in on itself. I have been able to create two separate graphs from Revit to Excel and another from Excel to Revit but I have been unable to combine them.

I have searched high and low and cant seem to get this right.

Does anyone know if this is even possible?

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I have been looking for the exact same thing. I can round trip data from Revit excel, but it requires running two different scripts. The holy grail for me would be to have real-time communication from excel to Revit and vise versa. To my knowledge, this doesn’t exist, but I am really curious to hear if anyone else knows otherwise.

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Was anyone able to get excel headers to work with this? I attached my excel sheet and script.

I was following this example but gosh dangit, must be missing something.

doorDemoScript.dyn (101.3 KB) scheduleTest.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Revit File