Revit Excel Interoperability Best Workflow

Hello good people. I am very new to Dynamo and this post is actually about exporting and importing data between Revit and Excel.
But please hear me out as I understand there are loads of topics addressing this topic littered everywhere on this forum.
Below is my challenge:

I have a schedule specifically created to keep tab on furniture as design progresses. I want to be able to transfer the information back and forth between Excel and Revit. I have some calculated formulas within the schedule. Please see a visual explanation of the schedule below:

Like I said I am new to Dynamo and was trying to do this using tutorials and various forum posts but honestly I got stuck as I wasn’t even sure if I am on the right path. Please see attached the nodes I was working on before getting stuck.

My questions are:

  1. Is it even possible what I am trying to achieve?
  2. Is it possible to make dynamo to actually extract values from an actual schedule in Revit? i.e. Make a schedule normally in Revit, make nodes to report the values from the schedule? Reason I asked this is if it would make it easier to create nodes? See illustration below

Since you’re taking the time to build the schedule, why not pull the data directly from there instead of trying to recreate all the parameter values?

This link may help, from @Thomas_Mahon’s Bimorph work:

Thanks Jacob. This was helpful