Still looking for a way to Export Schedule to Excel. How about this way?

Hi Dynamo team!
I have been try a few way to export schedule to excel, but still not succeed. I just looking the simplest way to export schedule to excel. Other formatting I will do in Excel Macro.
Can someone tell me, what is the problem with my dynamo?

Hi @amirCKP,

Could you expand the data output/ input at the List.FilterByBoolMask node? Because Excel expects lists of strings, integers, etc. as input and i’m guessing, since you are feeding in a Revit Schedule this is giving errors.

So in summary, you are probably missing a step in which you need to extract your Revit Schedule into Dynamo data. So Revit Schedule → Dynamo data → Excel export.

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Do you have an idea what nodes should i add-on that script? Im still new in Dynamo things.

Hi @amirCKP ,

I don’t know the exact nodes that you need, but i would try these out :slight_smile:

Also, the Dynamo Dictionary website is great to search about nodes !

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If your just trying to export the full schedule and then modify in Excel, why not just use Revit export and avoid Dynamo?

It is a lot of step to do if direct export revit schedule to excel which it will export to .txt first, then we have to open excel, import that .txt file, then format it.
I am working with the consultant company which we will always change the schedule and it will so much pain to export manually if there any update to the schedule.
Right know i am trying to make a script that can export schedule to excel in 1 or 2 click. After this i will make a script how to import back the data from excel to revit.
You understand what I mean? :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Daan . I will have a look on that.

This was surprisingly good timing… made two videos last week on YouTube for exporting one/multiple schedules to Excel from Dynamo.

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