Just wondering about node which might be available for schedule in Revit

I know it is kinda silly question.
But as a newbie to Dynamo in Revit,I would like to ask all of you.

It is possible to export values in the schedule in Revit?
I am not talking about setting for filter, feild in schedule and so on.

After extracting instance onto schedules in Revit, it might be a shortcut if I can retrive instances from schedule as well as change the value.
Simply it seems easy aftter making schedule which is connect to elements.

Thank you for reading.

Yuki Sugita

@yukicchi626 bimorph nodes package has a node called Schedule.GetData, here is an example of using it in conjunction with writing to Excel:

And a link to the node definition:

If you want to be able to edit the data produced from that node in Excel, and then import it back into Revit via Dynamo, I recommend creating a parameter “Element ID” and putting that parameter as a field in your schedule. Then in Dynamo, collect all your elements that appear in the schedule, get their element IDs and set the new “Element ID” parameter value to the Element IDs, so when you read the data you can select elements by ID and update their info accordingly. I’d provide a graphic explanation to this but am not currently on a computer with Revit/Dynamo, but I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your prompt comment, @awilliams!

This is what I was looking for :smile:
Althugh I haven’t gotten a chance to actually use this node at my work yet,
it will surely help me in the future.

Also adding elementIDs in Revit for selecting in Dymano is a great tip when the date comes and go between Revit and Dynamo.

I will more actively utilize Dynamo at work.

Thanks again.