Export schedule to excel with relative Parameter , update parameter in excel & import back to revit with updated parameter

Hi, I have set parameter to assemblies in my revit model.I want to export out schedule from revit with related parameter. After that I want to update the parameter in revit & I want to import back the updated parameter from excel to revit. But I couldn’t do it properly since from the first step. When I export out the parameters to excel, the exported parameters are not matching with the objects.I am just a beginner in dynamo & conuldn’t figure out how to write the correct script. I want to ask for a help to guide me to get the correct script to export the data from revit & to import back to revit.Thanks and sorry for my english.


Try “Schedule.GetData” Node from the “bimorphNodes” package.

If you want to bring data back into Revit, I may suggest you make sure there is some GUID or Element ID column to make it much easier to attach to specific elements. This column could be hidden, but not sure how that works with the Bimorph node @sagar1459 mentioned. It may be helpful for you to post what you have for the return graph for more help.

Hi @sagar1459 Your suggestion works well for schedule export from revit to excel .Thanks.

Hi @SeanP Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to do according it.

You may also want to review this recent post for reference help pulling information back in.

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Hi, @SeanP your reference post is almost the same what I want to do. Thanks for sharing.