Return geometry to Dynamo

Hey, my first query here, its my first month using dynamo.

I have to extract room edges of all the bathrooms. There are hundreds of Bathrooms in the project.

Current status:
I am already successful in sorting the bathroom floors and extracting the curves. I cant seem to figure out how to send the curves back in Revit.
I have tried Importinstance.geometry, all sort of imports and export nodes. The curves are just not visible. I tried changing Viewing Templates.

I have a background of Grasshopper, it was very simple to bake and use curves in Rhino. I simply need the curves as ’ separate group in a layer’ as in rhino, so I can select and change their colors manually.

i already checked few posts here ( for example the link below ), the solution given is not working for me. Any help would be useful.

Thanks a bunch

Export geometry Dynamo to Mass Revit - Geometry - Dynamo (

rooms_outer curvers.dyn (25.9 KB)

Importing a polycurve from Dynamo to Revit - Revit - Dynamo (

Are you just wanting to draw the new curves or are you trying to update the existing bathroom geometries? Those are two very different things. Your third link explains how to create curves in Revit with the ModelCurve (or DetailCurve) ByCurve method.

I tried all nodes with the name model or detail curves, i just cant select a curve. I can see the dynamo Ghost curve, but I cant realise it in Revit. I dont understand why recalling geometry to revit has to be so complicated.

Are you getting a valid output with Ids? Try selecting the curves by Id.

yeah I checked with ID, few lines are created if not all.
Alteast its a progress from no curves at all :slight_smile:
it would be nice if I have them separate in a group or pack or family or anything, right now the lines are lying around open in the model of hundreds of pieces.

Thanks for giving me a direction.

Which ones are missing? It looks like you have the same number of Revit elements as you have Dynamo elements. You can of course group the curves if you want, but single curves are going to come into Revit as single curves.

Nick had a fair question, what’s the end goal? Are you trying to just create lines in Revit?

Make sure you use Model Lines, that the Category is turned on in the view and that the active workset is valid.

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@ Daniel, I had a task of creating Overall Plan for all the bathrooms of the projects, and mark the Full-wall tiles, Half-wall tiles and plaster, on a plan with just a colored lines.
I drew all the bathroom curves manually, each floor. Things would have been easier if I had curve plan of just the Bathrooms on each floor, so I could color the lines according to the bathroom elevations.
In the end each bathroom would look like this ( Attachment )

The bathroom are not drawn in 3d everywhere, we have general layouts separate. At the moment we have just walls in the project.


now I have all the necessary curves, is it possble to sort the curves in a separate Groups ? So I hide all other elements, and work on the curves. I tired using group curve node, but the lines are still individually selected.

Finally I figured it out. I created a Viewing Template and turned off every 3d element except Model lines. Then I selected the Model lines into a group.