ModelCurve.ByCurve error



Hello All,

When I’m trying to export some curves from Dynamo to Revit I get the following error message:
ByCurve error

The representation of the curves in Dynamo seems to be correct, but import the curves into revit, parts are missing.

Is there anybody familiar with the error? I can’t figure out what the problem is…

Short description of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Drape some lines on a surface created within Dynamo, by using the Geometry.Intersect node.


Perhaps the points are no longer on a single plane, or are so close that they exceed the tolerance for Revit, or are a perfect line as a result of said tolerance so Revit doesn’t know what the work plane should be? Can you show a geometry preview for the failing lines in Dynamo and a clean view of the Revit geometry where the curves failed?