Problem importing 2D geometry into revit

Hi guys. Hope someone can help me with this. It’s a very simple thing, so getting a bit frustrated.

I did function in Dynamo that converts polylines (that form circles) into real circles. I need these in cad (dwg) format. So the idea was to import them in revit and then export them in DWG. The problem is that, even though the new geometry works in dynamo (pattern on the right is the new generated pattern), I can’t import them back into Revit. If I do a “Select by ID” in revit, I see that the new objects exist, but I can’t find them anywhere. They are invisible.

If I generate surfaces from the circles using “Surface.ByPatch” node, they import correctly into revit. But this is no solution, since that if I try to explode them, they are converted into arcs, and I really need them to be circles.


ahhhhh… of course. I didn’t realize I had to translate the geometry into revit geometry.

that was extremely helpfull and fast! Thanks a Million Vikram!!